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Services, Housing
The Navy Seabees have provided temporary housing for VC Stand Down since the first Stand Down took place in 1993.


Services, Food
Veterans and volunteers are provided with hot meals during the week end.


Services, ClothingPrior to the stand down, clothes are received from contributors. The clothing is opened and organized on tables, and volunteers man the tables to help the veterans select their closest fit.  Each tent leader has an allocated time to lead their tent “tenants” to the main distribution room for any and all of these services as they may need.


Services, Medical2
The Medical team provides veterans with necessary medical attention they might need. Several medical doctors, psychologists, optometrists, podiatrists, chiropractors, nurses, and emergency personnel volunteer their time and resources to check veterans for any medical conditions they may have.


Services, Dental

Dental services are provided by volunteer dentists and professionals.



Services, Legal

Veterans are provided with free legal counseling during the week end. Post Stand Down follow-up appointments are made for homeless veterans whose legal challenges cannot be met during the three-day event. Learn more…

Learn more…

Outreach Programs

Services, Outreach

There are over 50 outreach programs to help the veterans.  Most provide free services and most are well-connected with other services. See the Ventura County Military Collaborative and the Gold Coast Veterans Foundation  Also, refer to the Service Providers list.


Entertainment at the Ventura County Stand Down
Live entertainment is provided on Friday and Saturday evenings..