Welcome Volunteers!

Entrance at VCSDIf you want to volunteer to help the veterans at the Stand Down (and are older than 18), you can come as early as 8 am on Friday morning and check in at the Red Cross Station at the main entrance (you really can’t miss it). Children will not be allowed at the Stand Down site unless they are a member of the homeless veteran family.

Volunteers will be used in various areas, including the clothing area, toiletry area, cooking area, etc. We welcome your efforts and contributions in all areas of service for our veterans. You may refer to the Executive Committee  and Service Provider pages for information and contacts to help with your scheduling.

You can schedule your volunteer time:

  • On Friday, July 28 – help is needed between 8 am and 7 pm
  • On Saturday, July 29 – help is needed between 8 am and 7 pm
  • On Sunday, July 30 – please show up between the hours of 8 to 9 a.m. to assist in the teardown and clean up of the armory site.
    • Clean up help is always needed Sunday morning.
  • You can volunteer as many hours as you wish and there is no need to register ahead (just sign in at the gate).
  • See the complete Schedule of Activities here

You may participate at Stand Down on Friday, Saturday, or both days. On Sunday we have a non-denominational service, the Circle of Honor Ceremony, teardown of the site, and we prepare the veterans to be transported to their original pick up locations.

If you don’t know where to volunteer, you may contact Claire Hope for advice.

Parking at Stand Down: Parking within the Armory facility will not be permitted due to the limited amount of parking spaces available. However, you will be permitted to drive in and drop off equipment and materials.

Volunteers serving foodMeals:  We are pleased to provide breakfast, lunch, and dinner at Stand Down for all our volunteers and service providers. Water and snacks will also be provided between meals.


Service Providers

Service ProvidersThursday 9 am to 3 pm, or Friday any time after 8 am. There is no need for volunteers to contact anyone as to the time or date you wish to assist. Providers please call Claire Hope ahead of time to get on the list; a table & 2 chairs will be provided for Service Providers and Outreach Program participants.

What you need to bring: Please bring your own materials and banner that you can hang in front of your table.